6 Reasons To Use A Maxi Taxi Instead Of A Rideshare App

Maxi Taxi - RideAppThese days, it seems like everyone is jumping on the rideshare bandwagon in favour of taking a 7 Seater Maxi Taxi. This is a shame, especially since there are so many benefits associated with using cab services. Here are 6 reasons to ignore the apps and go for a more traditional way of doing things.

  1. Fixed Rates

One thing that many people do not realize is the fact that rideshare services are not lower in price all of the time. In fact, things like inclement weather, traffic and your destination can have a direct bearing in the amount you are charged. For example, if you want to head to the airport during a rainstorm, the price for this would be surged if you were using an app. On the other hand, maxi taxis have fixed rates and you can expect to pay the quoted rate every time.


If you are having trouble accessing the Internet, there is no way you will be able to use an app in order to book a ride. This is a stark contrast from hiring a maxi cab since you can do so by calling them directly on the telephone or online via Maxi Cab Booking. Another thing you never have to worry about with a traditional cab is being charged before you reach your destination. There are numerous people who have complained about the fact that rideshare companies charge them as soon as they book a car and it is sometimes difficult to get a refund if something goes wrong.

Reliable Drivers

While you are told that there have been background checks on the people who drive for ride sharing services, there is no way to know if this is actually true, especially since this is not an industry that is as heavily regulated as it should be. With that being said, you are not allowed to drive a maxi taxi unless there has been a check to make sure your license is current and there are no questionable things, like a criminal record, one should be worried about.


Some people are not comfortable with the idea of being in the personal vehicle of someone they do not know. Riding in a taxi is different since it is considered a work vehicle. In addition, many taxi companies have fitted their vehicles with GPS locators. This means that they will always know where you are and you will not have to worry about a rogue driver making a detour and placing you in some kind of danger.

Hours Available

There are some occasions when someone may need a ride yet they are not able to find one due to a lack of drivers in the area. While the rideshare companies try their best to combat this issue, there is nothing they can do to assist you when there are no drivers available. Imagine being on the way to the airport and you are not able to get there because your app is not reliable.

You can avoid this type of issue by calling a taxi. They are typically available around the clock. While there is sometimes a wait, you will have a ride sent to your location to pick you up as soon as possible.

Large Groups

When you pay for a traditional taxi, there are some vehicles available that are able to accommodate larger groups. This is not always an option when using a rideshare service. You are usually given the option of accommodating up to 4 riders. If you are in need of a vehicle that can hold more passengers, you will have to pay additional fees.

There are some taxi services that charge a little more if you request a larger vehicle, but it is usually less than what you would be expected to pay if you booked a shared ride through an app.

As you can tell, there are many compelling reasons to favor maxi taxis over all of the apps people use these days to book rides. Even though technology is changing every day and many people are rushing to make adjustments, there are some things that are better off as they were; taking a taxi is one of them.

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